Equipment Capability

Automatic Production Line

By establishing a new production and manufacturing information management system, the coverage rate of automated production lines has exceeded 70%. Following the demands of the international market and the industrialization of new materials, we have introduced automatic and digital visualization equipment such as high-purity melting centrifugal casting equipment, gantry trusses, RGV automatic transfer centrifugal pipes, automatic welding, DR, static casting 3D filming, etc; Build an intelligent green factory and strive to achieve the highest level of automation and intelligence in the industry.


Advanced Equipment Capabilities

Melting Ability Centrifugal Casting Static Casting Machining Weld other


● 23 intermediate frequency furnaces 250-1000kg

● 2 electric arc furnaces 1500-5000kg

● 2 vacuum furnaces 500-1000kg


● 25 horizontal centrifuges

● 2 vertical centrifuges

● More than 800 sets of various types of cylinder molds


● 2 sets of precision casting automated production lines

● 2 sets of sand mold production lines


● 40 CNC boring machines
● 45 CNC lathes
● 6 CNC milling machines
● 1 gantry boring and milling machining center

● 18 CNC cutting and beveling equipment
● 8 CNC drilling machines
● 5 CNC grinding machines
● 6 horizontal milling and boring machines


● 78 argon arc welding machines

● 4 welding robots

● 4 sets of automatic welding platforms


● 8 heat treatment furnaces

● 14 shot blasting machines

● 4 3D digital three-dimensional pipe bending machines