Supply Guarantee Capacity

Supply Guarantee Capacity

Ensure supply, take multiple measures in parallel to ensure delivery time. Actively promote lean management, centralize and intelligently control production progress, procurement logistics, and logistics transportation, quickly respond and solve unexpected problems, and ensure the quality, quantity, and timeliness of supply orders.

Rapid Response

Plan in advance, analyze and control the factors that affect delivery time, such as designing in advance, purchasing barrels and molds, and booking purchased parts, especially imported parts.

Project Disclosure

Each project will organize a project briefing and planning meeting to clarify the project plan and execution milestones, and track and inspect them.

Production Schedule Control

The operation control center and the three major business units jointly control the production progress, and the project scheduling specialist tracks and controls the production progress.

Procurement Logistics Control

The project operation department and centralized procurement department jointly control raw materials and outsourcing procurement, plan tracking, and quality control.

Logistics Transportation Guarantee

Logistics team, planning routes; The factory is adjacent to Qingdao Port and Airport, with convenient sea, air, land, and China Europe freight routes.

We play an important role in the international supply chain