Witness together: ExxonMobil's 1.6 million ton ethylene cracking grate plant delivery ceremony was held

  At 9:09 a.m. on November 17, Qingdao NPA held a grand delivery ceremony for ExxonMobil's 1.6 million ton ethylene cracking furnace tube row unit in the company's superalloy industrial park. ExxonMobil owner representatives, SEI general contractor representatives, employee representatives and senior managers involved in the whole process of production technology design, production and processing manufacturing, product testing and inspection, and quality control of the project were invited to witness this historic moment! ExxonMobil is one of the world's petrochemical giants, and this project is currently one of the widest, heaviest monomer row and most advanced ethylene cracking furnaces in the world. NPA is the only qualified supplier shortlisted in China and has signed a total contract of seven furnaces. Company leader Wang Xinglei said in his speech at the ceremony that ExxonMobil's choice not only proves the strength of our NPA in the global cracking furnace tube manufacturing industry, but also proves that the Chinese manufacturing level of large-scale ethylene cracking furnace tube row is already at the first-class level in the global industry, and also proves that through our continuous efforts, we are approaching and completing our mission of "committed to the quality revolution of Chinese manufacturing" step by step. Looking back on the whole process of the production and manufacturing of the project, we have overcome the adverse effects of uncertainties such as epidemic prevention and control, closed management, raw material price changes, and poor procurement logistics, and completed the delivery of the first batch of pipe rows on schedule today, and will complete the delivery tasks on schedule in accordance with the contract and the project site receiving plan, escorting the smooth installation and start-up of the project equipment.
       Qingdao NPA has signed framework agreements with international well-known engineering companies and customers such as Desinib, Hejin, Linde, ITT, Shell, Shabik, Sibur and other international well-known engineering companies and customers in the field of international petrochemical and has formed long-term and stable cooperative relations, and now it has further promoted the cooperation of Mobil, KBR, Air Liquide and Rumus, and we are gradually enhancing our influence in the international market on the road of internationalization.
       I believe that NPA's NH1949 anti-coking new material cracking furnace tube will enable more customers to save energy and reduce emissions, improve quality and efficiency, and make due contributions to the carbon peak and carbon neutrality of the society!


Lean management Continuous improvement

On May 17, 2022, Qingdao NPA Industrial Co., Ltd. held the "NPA 5S Advanced Team Award in April" activity. The event was organized by the lean department and held at the production site of the metallurgical building materials division. Mr. Xin, deputy general manager of the company's system control, members of the 5S management team and all members of the award-winning team participated in the activity.

Abide by the Work Safety Law Be the first responsible person

Abide by the Work Safety Law and Be the First Responsible Person" is the theme of this year's Work Safety Month, and the work of safety production implements the new legal concept that the industry must manage safety, business must manage safety, and production must manage safety.

The leaders of Dekai Precision Casting visited Qingdao NPA for exchanges

In order to implement the internal resource coordination of Gangyan Gaona Company, the safety profession goes out and introduces the guiding ideology to further improve the safety production management. On the morning of June 16, 2022, Minister Yang, Minister Jin and 12 management personnel of Qingdao Steel Research Dekai Precision Casting Co., Ltd. visited Qingdao NPA for a visit, and Mr. Xin, deputy general manager of our system control, was responsible for accompanying him.

Good news! Qingdao NPA was selected into the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province in 2022

Recently, the 2022 Shandong Province "China Brand Day" event co-sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Liaocheng City People's Government was held in Liaocheng. At the meeting, the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in