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Metal Donut Ring (MDR) Roller


Float Calendar Line

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    • : Metal Donut Ring (MDR) Roller
    • : Metal Donut Ring (MDR) Roller

    NPA introduced the MDR Roller to the float glass lines in 2003. There are now over 2800 MDR Rollers purchased for operation in 80 different float glass lines worldwide
    MDR Roller was developed in response to the roller performance problems identified by float glass manufacturers. The MDR roller eliminates embedded cullet – small pieces of glass (cullet), which became embedded in the surface of a covered roller. In addition, MDR Rollers will not develop sulfate or dross surface deposits or surface nicks or burrs that might mark the glass – two concerns of stainless steel rollers in the cold end of the lehr. With low thermal conductivity, the MDR Roller is not a contributor to chill cracks or the cold end glass bottom surface quality concerns.

    Processing Control including:
    Dimensional Control, T.I.R, Run-out, Surface Machining Finish, Wall thickness Control, Static Balance Value, Stable Dia., Heat Treatment for vertical stress release etc.

NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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