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Non-asbestos Covered Lehr Rollers


Float Calendar Line

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    • : Non-asbestos Covered Lehr Rollers
    • : Non-asbestos Covered Lehr Roller

    NPA Industry has manufactured covered rollers for the float glass production line since 1995, and was the first company to develop Non-asbestos Covered Lehr Rollers in 2005. Since then, NPA has manufactured several thousand rollers for over 50 float glass plants worldwide. 
    Covered lehr rollers are very common in the flat glass industry-typically used in B, C, D and RET zones of the annealing lehr. The most popular covering material is Tenmat’s FireFly 800 (MB800). Introduced in 1981, a mineral fiber millboard product, FireFly 800 has a long history of successful performance in the float glass industry.
    Covered rollers are non-marking, have less affinity for sodium sulfate and dross deposits and provide excellent dimensional stability in the lehr. The primary disadvantage of covered rollers is the occurrence of embedded cullet and vulnerability to cullet damage.
    Covered Roller Advantage:
    Non-marking roller surface
    A “kind” contact surface for the glass-mechanically and thermally
    Low affinity for sodium sulfate and dross deposits
    Absolute dimensional stability in the lehr—not affected by thermal transients
    Low thermal conductivity
    Allows re-use/recovering of existing covered mandrels

NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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