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Stainless Steel Lehr & Lift Out Rollers


Float Calendar Line

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    • : Stainless Steel Lehr & Lift Out Rollers
    • : Stainless Steel Lehr & Lift Out

    NPA began manufacturing Stainless Steel Rollers for the float Glass Industry in 1998. Since then, NPA has manufactured several thousand Stainless Steel Rollers for over 179 float glass lines worldwide.
    In 2006, stainless steel roller continues to be the most common roller design found in the float glass annealing lehr, particularly in the “hot end” of the lehr and almost universally in the Lift Out or “Dross Box” A number of companies use only stainless rollers from the Dross Box through all the lehr zones (A, B, C, D, RET)
    Stainless Steel Rollers are typically manufactured in 363, 305, 216 and 203mm diameters and in 25/20, 18/8 and 25/4 chrome/nickel alloys. Over the years, NPA’s strength in manufacturing and quality is unmatched in this industry.

    Decades of Industry Wide Successful Lehr and Lift Out Roll Service
    Infinite Lift-Minimal Maintenance
    Ability to Restore OD Finish and Concentricity
    Excellent Long Term Dimensional Stability-Austenitic Stainless
    Impervious to Cullet Damage and Embedded Cullet
    Cost Competitive to Alternative Materials
    Unaffected by Thermal Cycling
    No Adverse Health Related Issues

NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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