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Aramid Ring (AR) Roller


Float Calendar Line

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    • : Aramid Ring (AR) Roller
    • : Aramid Ring (AR) Roller

    NPA introduced the AR Roller to the float glass lines in 2005.  By the end of last year, over NPA 1200 rollers will be operating successfully in 30 float lines worldwide.  Today, the AR Roller is the preferred option for the production of ultra thin and high quality Automotive glass.
    The AR roller eliminates embedded cullet, which can become embedded in the surface of a covered roller and also roll mark problems in the cold end of the lehr.
    The AR Roller is intended for use in lehr zones with circulating air. Typical lehr installation locations are CNUD RET, E and F1 zones and Stein D & F1 zones.
    Hard, durable surface
    Resists cullet damage
    No embedded cullet
    Low thermal conductivity
    No surface deposits(Sodium sulfate, dross)
    No surface nicks or burrs
    Ring design allows improved air circulation
    Cost competitive with covered and stainless rollers
    No adverse health considerations
    Convert existing covered roller mandrels to MDR designand gain performance advantages


NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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