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Latest Technological Breakthroughs

NH1949 Anti coking New Materials

Extend the cleaning cycle: Extending from 50 days to 360 days
Antioxidant: Can reach 1200 ℃ for complete oxidation resistance
Energy conservation, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement: Can save 600 yuan/ton/year for the domestic ethylene industry and meet the national emission reduction standard of 6 million tons/year of coal

3D digital three-dimensional pipe bending machine

Welding advance: After welding the straight pipe, polish the welding root and then bend it into a U-shaped or S-shaped shape as a whole

Overall bending: Moderate pipe section can achieve direct bending of the entire pipe section into U-shaped and S-shaped shapes

Reduce furnace tube coking: The disappearance of weld seams or neat cleaning of weld roots in bent pipes has solved the problem of hanging coke caused by the inability to polish the root of the weld seam connecting U-shaped and S-shaped bends

Steel industry combustion system

Strong applicability: Natural gas, coke oven gas, mixed gas

Staged combustion: Reduce the surface power of the initial section of the radiation tube and improve its service life

Gas recirculation: Reduce NOx

Intelligent control: NPA patented technology

Patent technology for centrifugal casting of ultra long furnace rollers

Project client: Ultra long furnace rollers manufactured for Japanese Asahi

Furnace roller diameter: φ 400 diameter

Roll surface size: Roll surface length 8000mm

Total length of furnace rollers: The total length of the furnace roller reaches 9375mm, which is currently the longest furnace roller in the world

The microstructure and element concentration distribution of typical heat-resistant alloy (NH28-29-W5)

Performance advantages: NH2829 alloy, through solid solution strengthening and second phase particle strengthening, has excellent comprehensive properties, long-term structure and performance stability is good: the strength is better than Cr28Ni48W5 alloy, and the yield strength at room temperature is more than 20% higher than Cr28Ni48W5 alloy; The tensile strength of 1100℃ is more than 35% higher than that of Cr28Ni48W5 alloy, and the plasticity is similar to that of Cr28Ni48W5 alloy, the high temperature endurance performance is better than Cr28Ni48W5 alloy.
The contribution to the industry and society: Through composition optimization, NH2829 alloy is more resource-conservative and cost-effective. It can replace Cr28Ni48W5 and other alloys to produce furnace rolls, radiant tubes etc., in high temperature and corrosive working conditions, not only bringing greater economic value but also benefiting the environment.

Cooperation with well-known domestic industrial universities

The company gradually transforms its technological advantages into production and market advantages through the transformation of technological achievements and continuous industrial upgrading


The company focuses on technological innovation and industrial upgrading of high-temperature alloys, attaches importance to scientific research and development, gathers experts and elites in the high-temperature alloy industry, and forms an outstanding R&D team led by Professor Luo Heli. It hires international expert consultants and is committed to new material research and development and production process upgrading. Collaborating with Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute, Sinopec Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Yantai University, and others, the company has applied for 219 patents, including 125 invention patents, all of which have been applied to products and production equipment. The company gradually transforms its technological advantages into production and market advantages through the transformation of technological achievements and continuous industrial upgrading.