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NPA represents the global guarantee of excellent components and solutions for high-quality steel in China. We adhere to a customer value system that takes meeting customer needs as the bottom line and surpassing customer expectations as the goal. With over 20 years of experience and a high-quality workforce, we continuously break through and innovate to ensure that our products are corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and resistant to coking, from semi-finished products to finished products - installation components and integrated solution services. Please trust NPA!

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Production Process

NPA Product Range

The products we manufacture and sell are mainly used in the petrochemical industry. Especially with the continuous improvement of product quality requirements. Our customers are full of confidence in our casting expertise, mainly benefiting from our professional materials and casting knowledge. Because we NPA know which materials can be more effectively improved.

Cracking Furnace Coils

Whether as part of a new-build project or scheduled shutdown, or in emergency circumstances, our specialists bring your plant up to the highest possible level of efficiency and availability.

Reformer Tubes

NPA provides technical solutions to customers by providing cast static or centrifugal parts, from design to delivery, assembly, finished product and machining.


Our use of direct reduction iron conversion tubes can effectively delay the occurrence of metal dust and increase the maximum operating temperature.

Superheated Steam Furnace

Global customers trust our products in the field of superheated steam furnaces - from product supply assurance to integrated solution services.

Static Casting

Our casting engineers have over 20 years of casting experience and can design product molds, sprue and riser positions, and forming methods based on different product structural types. And to replace the traditional and complex process confirmation, our factory uses the Huazhu CAE casting process software developed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology for casting process design and confirmation.


NH1949 New anti-coking material

NH1949 New anti-coking material


Heat-resistant Alloys Products

Heat-resistant Alloys Products