Quality Assurance Capability

Inspection and Test Equipment

NPA adheres to the concept of lean management, with the goal of improving and ensuring product quality, bridging the gap between appearance and internal quality, and achieving full process quality control.From chemical composition, mechanical properties, metallographic structure to macroscopic dimensions and non-destructive testing, NPA ensures a dual inspection of online and laboratory testing, with a complete set of advanced testing equipment and an overall standard inspection process, making quality control more professional.

Testing and Research Institute

The company has established a testing laboratory in accordance with ASTM A608 standard, HG/T2601 standard, HG/T3673 standard, and Sinopec Corporation (2012) No. 69 document to meet the needs of product quality testing and research and development experiments. Accreditation of the laboratory shall be carried out in accordance with the GB/T27025 standard (equivalent to the ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). Strive to make the testing laboratory the legal testing laboratory for this furnace tube product.

Quality Control Specification

NPA quality control system is strictly in accordance with ISO9001. All production and process inspection can be traced to ensure the effective quality production process and provide reliable quality assurance.

About NPA Laboratory Center

NPA will be equipped with high temperature creep testing machine and scanning electron microscope (SEM), and will become the first manufacturer in China to meet all test requirements for petrochemical high alloy furnace tube.

Advanced Quality Assurance Capabilities

Online Detection Laboratory Testing

Test Equipment

● Spectrograph


● PT liquid penetration testing

● ET eddy current tester

● RT/DR radiographic testing

● Airtight testing machine

● HT water pressure testing machine

● Endoscope

● Ultrasonic thickness gauge

● Roughness tester

● Size and appearance inspection

● Dynamic balance instrument

Test Equipment

● Spectrograph

● Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen analyzers

● Wet analysis (analyzing trace element content)

● Carbon and sulfur analyzers

● Macroetch test

● Microscopic metallography

● Chlorine ion tester

● Material corrosion resistance testing machine

● Room temperature and high temperature short-term mechanical performance testing machine

● High temperature endurance testing machine (800-1200 ℃/41 units)

● Hardness testing machine

● Online detection

CNAS testing laboratory accreditation qualification

To further improve the testing capability of the enterprise and ensure product quality, Qingdao NPA has established a comprehensive quality management system and continuously increased investment to strengthen the construction of testing and calibration laboratories.

The company successfully obtained the CNAS testing laboratory accreditation qualification on September 8, 2023,It is the only enterprise in the same industry in China that has obtained this certification.

Qingdao Xinlitong Industrial Co., Ltd. has always been committed to continuous technological progress in the industry, with the mission of creating greater value for customers. With meeting customer needs as the bottom line and exceeding customer expectations as the goal, the company adheres to the core value system of "integrity, responsibility, harmony, and improvement", continuously improves the scientific research system, production system, and quality system, and enriches and improves the types of products and services, To meet the higher demands of customers from product supply to comprehensive services, and provide integrated pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales solutions for global high-temperature alloy customers.