Inspection and Test Equipment

Direct reading spectrometer, ONH analyzer, high-temperature durability testing machine, universal testing machine, visible snake, high-temperature corrosion testing furnace, permeability tester, etc.

Full spectrum direct reading spectrometer

The laboratory has models such as Thermo Fisher ARL8860, Hitachi 0E750, German Spectro MAXx, and Italian GNR S3 spark direct reading spectrometers. The ARL8860 equipment detector uses photomultiplier tubes for photoelectric signal conversion and is equipped with 45 channels, which have the characteristics of stability, high accuracy, and a wide range of measurement content. The Hitachi 0E750, German Spectro MAXx, and Italian GNR S3 models all use CCD detectors, which have full spectrum detection capabilities, multiple types of testing elements, fast speed, and easy maintenance. The above equipment uses standard samples that match our company's product matrix to draw a large number of working curves before leaving the factory and during installation, covering the entire range of product element content, to ensure the accuracy of element analysis of the furnace samples and finished products.

ONH Analyzer

The instrument with rapid and accurate determination of the content of steel, nonferrous metals, ceramics and other inorganic materials in oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, has many technology advantages such as wide detection range, low detection limit, simplified measuring process, single gas carrier, etc.

Carbon and sulfur analyzer

The carbon and sulfur content has a crucial impact on the mechanical and process properties of high-temperature alloys, therefore measuring the carbon and sulfur content in alloy materials is of great significance. The high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and high-speed carbon and sulfur analyzer used by our company can accurately determine the content of carbon and sulfur in various alloy materials, and the detection limit can reach the PPM level. In the daily analysis and testing process, according to the analysis standards, the carbon and sulfur detection data of the spark direct reading spectrometer can also be calibrated, ensuring that accurate data can be quickly obtained from daily carbon and sulfur analysis of steel ladles and finished products, ensuring efficient and high-quality production.

High temperature and endurance testing machine

A total of 41 testing machines are mainly used to measure the endurance performance of various metal and alloy materials in high temperature environments (300-1150 ℃). This machine uses high-precision lever weights to provide constant testing force, and achieves fully automatic operation of the machine through a PLC control system. Widely used in industries such as mechanical metallurgy, national defense and military industry, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, and relevant quality inspection institutions. The laboratory is conducted by professional PhD and Master's students in Materials Science for experimental analysis, and the corresponding personnel hold certificates of experimental characterization/analysis testing, which can be operated in a standardized manner. Among them, 17 devices are tested individually, and the other 4 sets of independently developed six head testing machines can achieve high-temperature endurance testing of six samples simultaneously, equivalent to 24 single machine high-temperature endurance testing machines.

Universal testing machine

It is a multifunctional and high-precision static testing machine composed of a computer system and a card type digital measurement and control system, which automatically and accurately measures and controls test parameters such as test force, displacement, and deformation. It can be used for tensile, compression, bending and other tests of metal and non-metal materials (tonnage 200KN/300KN), as well as for controlling test force, deformation and other rates, as well as constant test force, constant deformation and other tests. It can also perform high-temperature tensile tests between 200 and 1150 ℃.

Metallographic microscope

A set of metallographic microscope, metallographic analysis system, and digital camera can be used for observing, evaluating, and identifying the metallographic structure of various metals and alloys. By observing and rating the microstructure of metal materials, the influence of alloy composition, heat treatment process, and cold and hot processing technology on the microstructure of alloys can be analyzed. It has been widely applied in areas such as quality control, failure analysis, identification and quantification of structural components.

High temperature corrosion test machine

NPA’ s self-designed high temperature corrosion test machine for the testing of the carburizing corrosion, oxidation corrosion, flue gas corrosion, dust corrosion test from 300 to 1250℃. It plays an important role in the evaluation of the furnace tube material and the development of new materials.

See snake LT1000 type cable wheel controller

One SeeSnake LT1000 pushwheel controller allows users to combine the powerful functions and portability of laptops with the SeeSnake series industrial endoscopes, setting laptops as endoscopes monitors, making their display and recording functions as powerful as computers. It has extremely high flexibility and is convenient for viewing, burning, and editing reports. Use SeeSnake HQ software for viewing, storage, and communication.

Eddy current flaw detector

2 ET-551H fully digital computer multifunctional eddy current testing devices are a new generation of eddy current testing equipment designed using the most advanced eddy current technology, digital electronic technology, and microcomputer technology. Adopting multiple sectors and arbitrary polygon alarm fields to meet the requirements for setting alarm fields for eddy current skin effect and defects of different depths. Suitable for flaw detection, thickness measurement, and sorting of various metal pipes, rods, wires, and other mechanical components, as well as other occasions where eddy current testing can be used.

X-ray inspection room for pipe fittings

The static casting X-ray inspection room is strictly constructed and accepted in accordance with national safety standards. The X-ray inspection instrument has real-time imaging and intuitive imaging, and the photographic film can be stored for a long time. It has high sensitivity to non-destructive testing of workpieces. Sensitive to volumetric defects, the planar distribution of defect images is true and the size measurement is accurate, which can truly and effectively reflect the quality of castings, providing a reliable guarantee for the quality of static castings.

Long tube and tube row X-ray inspection room

The digital X-ray machine is an important equipment for non-destructive testing, which has been carefully developed based on a thorough study of relevant technical performance indicators at home and abroad, combined with the current trend of IP technology development. This type of X-ray machine is widely used in industrial sectors such as machinery, chemicals, petroleum, electricity, aviation, boilers, and national defense, providing reliable testing methods for these sectors. Invention patent - Full area inspection frame for inspection room Patent number: ZL 2012 1 0266166.9