Good news for the petrochemical industry! 3D digital three-dimensional pipe bending technology!

Application status of U/S bending technology in the industry

•The problem of residual height in the weld of U/S bent assembly has always been a problem in the industry

The traditional hot simmering bending machine can only process the plane single-bending workpiece of the S pipe section and the U pipe section, and then need the S bend section and the U bend section for welding, and cannot form a three-dimensional bending forming. Bending the shape and then welding, resulting in difficult or even impossible grinding of the weld, and finally resulting in the internal weld height exceeding the standard.

• The hazard of excessive internal weld height

If the internal weld residual height exceeds the standard, the frictional resistance to the conveying medium increases, and it is easy to produce coking, which will increase the energy consumption of the conveying pipeline, improve the production cost, reduce the efficiency and seriously affect the product quality and environment.

Qingdao NPA worries about customers and digs deep into customer pain points. The company adheres to the bottom line of meeting customer needs, to exceed customer expectations as the goal, through the unremitting efforts of the R & D team finally in 2018 successfully developed 3D digital three-dimensional pipe bending technology, the equipment has a complete pipe bending processing production process and quality control system, and in April 2020 was authorized by the national invention patent.

NPA 3D digital three-dimensional tube bending patented technology
NPA independently developed patented technology, 3D digital three-dimensional pipe bending machine, to realize the straight pipe directly bent into U/S combination pipe, or the pipe section first welded and polished and then bent into a shape, from the production process completely solved the technical problem that the internal welding root of the U/S bending pipe assembly cannot be polished. Realize the production of S-type, U+S-type, S+U+S composite bending.
3D digital three-dimensional pipe bending technology pipe bending products have achieved all-round online quality inspection, and the pass rate of furnace tube bending has reached 99%.


Lean management Continuous improvement

On May 17, 2022, Qingdao NPA Industrial Co., Ltd. held the "NPA 5S Advanced Team Award in April" activity. The event was organized by the lean department and held at the production site of the metallurgical building materials division. Mr. Xin, deputy general manager of the company's system control, members of the 5S management team and all members of the award-winning team participated in the activity.

Abide by the Work Safety Law Be the first responsible person

Abide by the Work Safety Law and Be the First Responsible Person" is the theme of this year's Work Safety Month, and the work of safety production implements the new legal concept that the industry must manage safety, business must manage safety, and production must manage safety.

The leaders of Dekai Precision Casting visited Qingdao NPA for exchanges

In order to implement the internal resource coordination of Gangyan Gaona Company, the safety profession goes out and introduces the guiding ideology to further improve the safety production management. On the morning of June 16, 2022, Minister Yang, Minister Jin and 12 management personnel of Qingdao Steel Research Dekai Precision Casting Co., Ltd. visited Qingdao NPA for a visit, and Mr. Xin, deputy general manager of our system control, was responsible for accompanying him.

Good news! Qingdao NPA was selected into the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province in 2022

Recently, the 2022 Shandong Province "China Brand Day" event co-sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Liaocheng City People's Government was held in Liaocheng. At the meeting, the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in