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W-Type Radiant Tube


Radiant Tubes

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    • : W-Type Radiant Tube
    • : W Type Radiant Tube

    Mostly used on continuous annealing, vertical annealing furnace of galvanizing lines. In the nitrogen and hydrogen protection atmosphere, burning of natural gas or coke oven gas inside the tube heat the strip steel from room temperature to 750-950℃quickly and evenly through the outer tube radiation heat transfer for the annealing treatment. The straight tube sections are centrifugal castings, and the tube fittings are static castings. 

    Common material:
    ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2, ZG40Ni35Cr25Nb, ZG45Ni48Cr28W5Si2, ZG30Cr25Ni12, etc.

  • Working condition: 500-1250℃
    Outer diameter: 100-300mm
    Wall thickness:
    Cast radiant tubes: 6-10mm
    Welded radiant tubes: 3mm
    (Pipe section) length: ≤ 4000mm
    Service life: 3-5 years

NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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