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Vertical annealing furnace roller


Furnace Rolls

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    • : Vertical annealing furnace roller
    • : Vertical annealing furnace rolle

    Used for continuous annealing line and galvanizing line of vertical annealing furnace. Under the nitrogen and hydrogen protection atmosphere and 750- 950 ℃ in the furnace to do annealing of the strip steel. 

    The diameter:600-1500mm
    The barrel: centrifugal casting
    Transition section: static casting
    Shaft: forging. 

    Common material: 
    Shaft (SUS304, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, etc.), barrel and shaft neck (ZG30Cr26Ni12, ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2, ZG14Ni32Cr20Nb, etc.).

NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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