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Centrifugal Casting


Centrifugal Casting

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    • : Centrifugal Casting
    • : Centrifugal Casting

    The quality of the steel is improved from the essence, and the material is mixed in a separate area. Every batch of raw material after drying kiln (heating furnace) is preheated to remove the moisture (water), reduce the oxygen, hydrogen into the smelting furnace.
    The Induction furnaces are designed environment-friendly consisting of: IGBT controlled power unit, PLC control with programmed melting process, liquid steel temperature control and gas protection system etc. Induction melting furnace is designed with inert gas protection to avoid oxidation of the steel liquid and improve the steel quality with microalloy. NPA has 1 electric arc furnace, 10 induction furnaces and 8 centrifugal casting machines. 

NPA has strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products. 


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